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DWI Defense

Every DWI Case is Different
Human With Crutches
If someone was injured the severity of your DWI charges, and your potential penalty, will increase significantly

Police Officers, Judicial Officers, Legal Professionals, and Jury Members are all normal human beings who can only do their best to follow the legal guidelines. No court in Western New York can guarantee to provide 100% consistent decisions from case to case.

The particular circumstances of each DWI Arrest vary in complexity from case to case.

  • The behavior of each Defendant before, during and after their arrest also varies considerably from case to case, and your behavior may affect your charges:
  • Your Degree of Intoxification (as indicated by %BAC) will affect Your charges.
  • If someone was Injured due to your DWI offense your charges will be more serious.
  • If You have any Previous DWI Convictions your charges will be more serious.
Your DWI Penalties

The Fine and any Sentences that you receive will depend upon your specific DWI Charges and also the Management Of Your Case.

To Achieve Your Best Possible Outcome Your Case Must Be Properly Managed:

  • You must be well prepared for your day in court,
  • You must present your optimum DWI Defense Strategy,
  • You must retain an experienced local DWI Attorney who focuses on DWI cases and also knows the court.
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Effective DWI Defense Strategies in the Western New York Courts

At The Trbovich Law Firm, we have helped 1000's of DWI Defendants like you. Over the years we have evolved an approach to quickly determining the optimum DWI Defense Strategy for each individual case.

Defining Your Optimum DWI Defense Strategy

We have developed a 3 Dimensional Approach to building Your Optimum DWI Defense Strategy:

Dimension 1 - Attack the Legal Issues in Your DWI Case
Police Officer
Was Your DWI Stop Valid?

First and foremost, we review the records and your testimony to expose and attack any Legal Issues in your case, starting with the events that occurred when you were stopped by the police.

Example 1 - Probable Cause

In order to make a valid traffic stop, the police must have Probable Cause to believe a traffic violation has occurred, or a reasonable suspicion that a crime is either being committed or is about to be committed by the occupants of your vehicle. We consider the circumstances surrounding the initial stop of your vehicle to determine if the police actually had probable cause to pull you over. If it is determined that there was not probable cause to stop you, we move to have the stop suppressed so that it cannot be used against you in court.

Example 2 - Field Sobriety Tests

We also investigate any Field Sobriety Tests you took to ensure that the officer conducting the tests correctly followed the established rules.

Example 3 - Voluntary Statements

If you made Statements to the police, we investigate whether the statements were Voluntary (as defined by the New York Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court). If your statements were not voluntary, we move to have them suppressed.

Example 4 - BAC Testing

If you submitted to a Breath Test, we investigate whether the breath test machine was functioning properly, and whether the police department administering the breath test correctly followed the established rules and regulations.

A Turbo Team DWI Defense Attorney Will Review And Scrutinize Every Aspect Of Your Case And Attack All Legal Issues That May Arise

Dimension 2 - Paint a Positive Picture of Who You Are

Like the vast majority of defendants who receive a DWI charge, you probably never intended to commit a crime. Part of our defense strategy may be to help the court understand that You are a decent person, from a normal family, who has found himself or herself in a difficult situation.

Maybe you are an active member of your community, a parent, a caretaker, or a business owner. We can effectively demonstrate to the court how you contribute to your family and your community.

We understand how best to present the positive aspects of your specific background to the judge and jury. And we will fight to disprove any notion that all DWI defendants are inherently selfish and reckless individuals who will present an ongoing risk to society upon leaving the courtroom.

Dimension 3 - Earn Yourself Out of Trouble

By taking a Proactive Approach to your case, we can guide you through the process of "earning" yourself out of trouble - by helping you demonstrate to the judge or jury that you are actively seeking to make amends for your actions.

For example, we can consider referrals to counseling, participation in drug treatment court, or substance abuse treatment programs. If You have experienced repeated DWI charges, approved counseling or rehabilitation programs may represent a preferable alternative to jail for you.

We will do everything within our abilities and the legal guidelines to give the court a reason to moderate your sentence.

A Turbo Team Experienced Local DWI Defense Attorney Can Use The Specific Circumstances Of YOUR Case To Present Your Optimum DWI Defense Strategy And Achieve Your Most Favorable Possible Outcome In Court.

Stop Losing Sleep Over Your DWI Charges - Get a FREE Consultation With an Experienced DWI Lawyer

Turbo Team DWI Lawyers have helped 1000's of people just like you. We understand exactly how You are feeling and how much may be at stake on your day in court. We can help You with your DWI case from beginning to end.

We would be happy to review the circumstances of Your DWI charges with you in a FREE, No Obligation, Consultation. Just call our 24/7 Hotline at 716.222.2222 to schedule your FREE appointment. Once you've made the call and taken your first positive steps to getting your case under control you'll find that you sleep a lot better!

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For my case it looked as if it were insurmountable odds. Mr. Trbovich called me and dealt with my case with confidence I had no doubt that he would have my case fully dismissed. Very dependable and cares about what your ultimate needs are as an attorney W.G.
Really good people. Helped my dad. We live out of town and they handled our traffic ticket issue in 15 minutes, while we had been pulling our hair out for weeks trying to deal with the beaurocracy. Very professional and helpful. Thank you Rick!!!!! D.S.
Tom is an excellent attorney that exceeded my expectations when taking my case. This entire team is dedicated to their work and one of the most hardworking individuals I've had the pleasure of meeting! M.M.
Extremely pleased, would recommend this firm to any who need a great lawyer. S.B.
My case was very tough and the Trbovich Law Firm handle my case with care and absolute solution. I give the my high regards for making me feel there was someone always by my side , and assured that me that they would get the ruling that I needed. W.H.