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The Western New York Courts treat DWI cases very seriously, with Prosecutors seeking, and judges imposing, harsh penalties to the maximum extent that law allows. But You can take 3 Positive Steps to defend your rights and significantly improve the outcome of your your DWI case.

Do Your Research, we have provided all the most important information that you need right here on this website, so you can quickly understand what you are up against, what you need to do, and how you need to do it.

Download Your FREE Guide Managing Your DWI Defense in WNY - packed with valuable information.

Before you meet with a lawyer, make sure that you understand the charges made against you and the range of potential fines & sentences that apply to DWI citations in NY State.

Lawyers Defending Your Rights all Across WNY

The District Attorney is an experienced lawyer who is subject to immense social and political pressures to aggressively proscute your DWI case in court. You can level the playing field with an experienced local Defense Attorney who focuses on DWI cases and understands how to protect your rights!

We've helped 1000's of ordinary people, just like you, by defending their rights and managing their DWI charges through the Western New York Courts.

So, no matter how bad things may seem right now, I assure you that you will feel a huge sense of relief once you have contacted my office and made your first vital move towards a competent DWI Defense on your day in court.

Call My Office Now - We Can Help You! Sincerely, Tom Trbovich

3 Steps You can Take now

If you have been charged with DWI and have a fast-approaching court date, it is time to take some positive action to help yourself. Just take 3 Easy Steps...

  • Step 1 - Download Your FREE DWI Defense Guide read it, and make sure you understand it.
  • Step 2 - Request A FREE DWI Defense Consultation Call Our 24/7 Hotline At 716.222.2222 We can be flexible to fit your schedule, and if you can't come to us we'll come to you - anywhere in WNY!
  • Step 3 - Get The Best DWI Defense You Can Find

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The DWI Defense Guide
The DWI Defense Guide
The Western New York Police and our Courts now take DWI arrests more seriously than ever before. Depending upon the particular DWI charges that you may be found guilty of, penalties include large fines & surcharges, loss of driving privileges, and probation or even jail time. If you’ve been charged with DWI you need to be aware of what is involved in the process of prosecuting you and what you can do to help yourself come away with the absolute minimum penalty.
Client Reviews
For my case it looked as if it were insurmountable odds. Mr. Trbovich called me and dealt with my case with confidence I had no doubt that he would have my case fully dismissed. Very dependable and cares about what your ultimate needs are as an attorney. W.G.
Really good people. Helped my dad. We live out of town and they handled our traffic ticket issue in 15 minutes, while we had been pulling our hair out for weeks trying to deal with the beaurocracy. Very professional and helpful. Thank you Rick!!!!! D.S.
Tom is an excellent attorney that exceeded my expectations when taking my case. This entire team is dedicated to their work and one of the most hardworking individuals I've had the pleasure of meeting! M.M.
Extremely pleased, would recommend this firm to any who need a great lawyer. S.B.
My case was very tough and the Trbovich Law Firm handle my case with care and absolute solution. I give the my high regards for making me feel there was someone always by my side , and assured that me that they would get the ruling that I needed. W.H.
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